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Should we have new high school diplomas that reflect the new, higher Common Core standards?

Here is an interesting post by Chester Finn of the conservative Fordham Institute.  He’s making the case for a two-tier high school diploma.  That’s unlikely to happen in most states any time soon but, whether or not you buy that idea, his big picture view of how well American education prepares its students for college is useful. (more…)

Just a few days left to vote and help the Pittsfield School District get a $100,000 Nellie Mae grant!

You can vote here to help Pittsfield, a great New Hampshire school district, win a $100,000 Nellie Mae Foundation grant.  A friend wrote today to say, “There is no public school in NH who deserves the recognition more for a job well done than Pittsfield. They are so property poor it is a struggle but they wanted their children to have better schools—so with a trusted leader and strong community will and support, the faculty and students really have shown how schools can personalize education and improve outcomes for the students.”

Please vote for Pittsfield – and pass it on!


The New Hampshire Supreme Court has decided nothing about the voucher tax credit program. Why not use that money for a real public purpose?

Here’s my opinion piece on the voucher program as it has appeared in the Concord Monitor, the Portsmouth Herald, the Union Leader and (upcoming) the New Hampshire Business Review.

Before the misunderstanding spreads too far, it is important to point out what the recent New Hampshire Supreme Court decision actually said about the constitutionality of the voucher tax credit law:

Nothing.   (more…)

Manchester: We face different challenges so should not have to take the Smarter Balanced test

Manchester’s Mayor Gatsas fired the next round in his exchange with New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner Virginia Barry, gleefully covered in the Union Leader under the headline, “Gatsas to NH education czar: Explain yourself.”: (more…)

Manchester expresses surprise about New Hampshire testing policy

At its August 11 meeting, the Manchester Board of School Committee voted (the debate starts on page 60)  to send the New Hampshire Department of Education a letter requesting that the city not be required to administer the Smarter Balanced annual assessment.  Yesterday, the Union Leader reported that the Mayor Gatsas was surprised by Commissioner Barry’s reply and today editorialized that they were surprised by the Commissioner’s response as well.

This was no surprise.   (more…)


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