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Education Bills

LSR 2689 repeals the statutes authorizing the Department of Education

“Repealing The Statutes Authorizing The Department Of Education.” Sponsor: Rep. Lars Christiansen

LSR 2644 amends the requirement to teach English in schools

“Amending The Requirement to Teach English In Schools.” Sponsor: Rep. Keith Ammon

LSR 2605 establishes an educational program for gifted students

“Establishing An Educational Program For Gifted Students.” Sponsor: Rep. Neal Kurk

LSR 2587 establishes a committee to study education savings accounts for families of special needs students

“Establishing A Committee to Study Education Savings Accounts For Families Of Special Needs Students.” Sponsor: Rep. Glenn Cordelli

LSR 2566 relates to youth employment certificates for home-educated students

“Relative to Youth Employment Certificates For Home-educated Students.” Sponsor: Rep. J. R. Hoell

Congratulations to Sanborn Regional School District for winning The Nellie Mae Foundation’s Lawrence W. O’Toole Award!

Sanborn Regional School District was recently awarded the Lawrence W. O’Toole Award, which is given to a district, individual, school, or nonprofit that exhibits great leadership through innovation in moving student-centered learning forward in New England. The Nellie Mae Education Foundation will present the award to the district at a ceremony later this year. (more…)

A Peek Inside New Hampshire’s Performance Assessment Pilot – Education Week

New Hampshire’s Performance Assessment for Competency Education (PACE) program is closely followed throughout the country as a demonstration of how schools can reduce their use of once-a-year standardized assessments and move toward integrated classroom assessments – “performance assessments” – that contribute to learning while providing feedback on each student’s progress.

Here’s an interview with a PACE teacher who gives a clear view of how it all works.   (more…)

Sanborn Regional School District nominated for $100,000 grant–Vote today to show your support!

Sanborn Regional School District has been selected as one of six finalists for the Lawrence W. O’Toole Award, a $100,000 Nellie Mae Education Foundation grant. The award is granted to an individual, organization, school, or district that exhibits great leadership through innovation in moving student-centered learning approaches forward in New England.

This is a great honor recognizing the important work Sanborn has done in the PACE pilot project and in making competency based learning real for their student.  You can show your support for Sanborn and New Hampshire by voting here. Voting lasts through September 30, and is restricted to one vote per email address. (more…)

Students exceed expectations on Smarter Balanced Assessments in four states–Hetchinger Report

In the four states that released results from their annual statewide assessments–Missouri, West Virginia, Oregon, and Washington–students exceeded expectations on the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), reported the Hechinger Report. Experts say that though many factors likely contributed to the results, students are performing better despite the more difficult exam: (more…)

Gov. Hassan’s veto of HB 603, the opt out bill, strongly supported by the NH business community

There has been wide coverage of Gov. Hassan’s veto of HB 603, the bill that would allow parents to opt students out of the annual statewide assessment without penalty to the student or the school district.  The most complete coverage has been by the AP, published in the Concord Monitor but the Union Leader did its own story as well, featuring the letter the Business and Industry Association sent Gov. Hassan urging her to veto the bill.  (more…)

Gov. Hassan vetoes opt out bill: HB 603 “sends a bad message to our students”

Governor Hassan has vetoed HB 603 which would allow parents to opt students out of the annual statewide assessment without penalty.  Her veto message emphasized the importance of full participation for legal, accountability, and funding reasons, stating that the federally mandated assessments are required for many federal education grants and are also necessary for informing teacher instruction: (more…)

Common Core catalyzes positive change in once-struggling school –Denver Post

After years of chronic under-performance, in 2013 Ashley Elementary School in Denver, Colorado was labeled “accredited on probation.” The school made hiring changes and firmly committed to the Common Core State Standards. Today, it is a completely different school. (more…)

Meaningful application of math concepts means better long-term learning

Madeline Ahearn, school administrator in Eugene, Oregon, wrote recently that the Common Core standards offer students a better chance at success in math.


NH Sheriff: Early childhood education can curb crime and help communities prosper

In an opinion piece in the Concord Monitor, Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard advocates for early childhood education, citing evidence that early support ultimately helps curb teen pregnancy, crime, and even drug use–a growing problem in the Granite State: (more…)

“We cannot fix what we cannot measure”–Civil Rights groups come out against opt-out movement

A coalition of civil rights groups, including the NAACP and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights have released a statement condemning the various anti-testing efforts emerging in some states: (more…)


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