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North Carolina pols reexamine the Common Core but educators say, “I don’t understand what the fuss is about”

Last March, the New Hampshire Legislature came down firmly in support of the higher Common Core standards and the accompanying Smarter Balanced assessment, but the political debate is alive and well in some other states.  Here’s a typical snapshot from North Carolina where, as in New Hampshire, educators don’t see what all the fuss is about: (more…)

Sanborn Regional High School English teacher Evan Czyzowski on how he uses the new standards in his classroom

At the May 16 Hollis/Brookline Common Core forum, Evan Czyzowski, English literature teacher at Sanborn Regional High School, talked about how the Common Core English Language Arts standards guide his day-to-day teaching. (more…)

9th grade English teacher: If schools trust their teachers, the Common Core will free them to teach

Here is the most useful kind of Common Core discussion – direct classroom experience.  Jessica Pointer, a 9th grade English teacher in Tennessee, talks in a Fordham Institute post about the benefits of developing her own curriculum for the new standards.

This local hands-on approach is the practice in the many New Hampshire schools I have visited, from Manchester to the North Country.  That’s probably why there is such wide support for the standards here. (more…)

Manchester can’t find much not to like about the Common Core. And that’s a problem?

The Union Leader reported yesterday on the most recent chapter in Manchester’s long-running Common Core saga.  The Curriculum and Instruction Committee of the Manchester Board of School Committee convened to give the public an opportunity to comment on the new Manchester Academic Standards.  Critics said they don’t feel the new Manchester standards are new enough.  Supporters would say that’s because the Common Core already sets a high standard.  But at least the process looks as if it must be coming to a conclusion. (more…)

NEA delegates love Common Core Math – EdWeek

EdWeek reporter Liana Heitin, wandering the floor at the NEA convention, heard the same thing we hear from New Hampshire teachers about the Common Core math standards: (more…)

Jenn Manning, Newton kindergarten teacher: “My students used to write fairy tales. Now they write opinion pieces.”

At the May 16 Hollis/Brookline Common Core forum, Ms. Jenn Manning, Newton Elementary School kindergarten teacher tells it like it is. (more…)

Improving school climate – the path to improving discipline while virtually eliminating out of school suspensions at White Mountains Regional High

At the last meeting of the New Hampshire State Board of Education, the subject of school discipline came up. I thought back to a discussion I’d had in the spring of 2013 Mike Berry, principal of the White Mountains Regional High School.  He described his approach to creating a climate in WMRHS that reduced the need for disciplinary actions. (more…)


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