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Nicholas Kristof says important things about American education that we should listen to in New Hampshire

Even as the number of children in New Hampshire is shrinking, the number of poor children is increasing.  It isn’t up to schools alone to respond, but our schools do play an important role – first by trying to reach every child that comes in the door.

But that has to be a shared goal that the whole community and state buys into.  Kristof’s writes in the Times the Americans used to buy in but don’t seem to anymore.   (more…)

Pittsfield featured in Atlantic article, “What Happens When Students Control Their Own Education?”

Here’s a good introduction to a topic we will be talking about a lot – how schools in New Hampshire and other states are going beyond traditional teaching and helping each child learn in the way that fits best.  It’s a movement that started long before states adopted the new standards but personalized learning has been strengthened by the Common Core emphasis on teaching students to formulate their own solutions real world problems.

This Atlantic piece features the great work going on in Pittsfield but represents the direction in which many other New Hampshire schools are moving as well: (more…)

Will New Hampshire be Arne Duncan’s test case for the next generation of accountability in American education?

If you had any doubt about New Hampshire’s preeminent role in the national discussion about the future of American education, this piece in Education Week – the education policy publication of record – will put it in perspective for you.  The article gives an accurate picture of the status of the State’s efforts to gain federal approval for the PACE pilot program that strives to replace standardized tests with personalized student projects.  However it comes out, the waiver proposal is credible in Washington, D.C. and watched closely around the country because NHDOE and the districts have put years of hard thinking into coming up with better ways to help students learn. (more…)

NH’s new way to assess student learning could reduce standardized testing – Bill Duncan in the Concord Monitor

A national debate has broken out about standardized testing.  Everyone seems to agree that the over-testing driven by No Child Left Behind has been a mistake.  The question is, what now?  New Hampshire has for years been piloting a next generation approach to testing and has a lot to offer in this discussion. (more…)

Should we have new high school diplomas that reflect the new, higher Common Core standards?

Here is an interesting post by Chester Finn of the conservative Fordham Institute.  He’s making the case for a two-tier high school diploma.  That’s unlikely to happen in most states any time soon but, whether or not you buy that idea, his big picture view of how well American education prepares its students for college is useful. (more…)


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