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Demands for accountability in Wisconsin’s 22 year old voucher program

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In School vouchers: Time to demand common-sense reforms – JSOnline, Barbara Milner demands open meetings and real accountability for voucher schools.  She says,

Accountability and achievement are two of the biggest buzzwords in education today.

So why are Milwaukee’s voucher schools allowed to sidestep mandates that other publicly funded schools must follow?


All public schools must follow the state’s open meetings and records requirements. Why should the private voucher schools be exempt? This is especially worrisome because a number of voucher schools are phoney private schools; all their students receive a publicly funded voucher and there is not a single student privately paying tuition.

If the voucher schools want to truly be accountable, they should release their data to the public — whether racial demographics, suspension rates, admission policies, staff pay, or the names and contact information of their boards of directors. Likewise, their meetings should be open to the public.

New Hampshire’s voucher plan, which provides for no accountability from the schools hoping to receive millions in state funding, is facing a court challenge and calls for repeal, supported by Governor-Elect Hassan.

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