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Invest in Coos Kids is organizing for early childhood development in the North Country

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Invest in Coos Kids

Invest in Coos Kids is a program of the Family Resource Center in Gorham.  They work with the wide variety of local organizations and state agencies to get the most help possible kids and their families from the time they are born until they enter first grade.  Incomes are lower and poverty rates higher in the North Country than in the rest of New Hampshire so The Gap is a big factor in the lives of North Country children.  They often start school with a smaller vocabulary, having read fewer books and sometimes with more emotional issues than higher income kids.  When they start behind, they seldom catch up.  Invest in Coos Kids is trying to turn that around.

Funded by the Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation, an amazing North Country resource, Invest tries to be sure that all possible sources of support get to Coos kids.  They provide resources for parents and try to get all the sources of help for kids in the North Country moving in the same direction toward shared goals for the kids, getting them ready to learn in school.

What Invest is learning about how to partner to get kids ready for school could be a resource for New Hampshire as we figure all that out.  Call Cathy McDowell for more information.

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