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Bill Kingston and Sen. Nancy Stiles exchange views on voucher repeal

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Here is a very straightforward exchange about voucher repeal between Bill Kingston of New Castle and Sen. Nancy Stiles.  The question I would have for Sen. Stiles is what data would she like to see and when would she anticipate revisiting the voucher question?

Letter from Bill Kingston to Sen. Nancy Stiles

Dear Senator Stiles;

I am convinced that the School Voucher Program was enacted in an atmosphere of extreme partisan politics and without the reflection that would have prevailed in a more normal time.

This unwise legislation will do considerable harm to our public school system in New Hampshire. I will not bore you with the arguments against it, you have heard them all before.

My main concern is for one of the best public school systems in the country. If this unwise experiment fails it will be extremely difficult to make it right again.

Please vote to correct this grave error.

Bill Kingston

New Castle

Email from Sen. Stiles office to Bill Kingston

Dear Mr. Kingston,

Senator Stiles wanted to inform you that she did not vote in favor of SB372-FN last year. However, Senator Stiles does not believe it is the best practice for one legislature to pass a law and have the next legislature repeal legislation every other legislative session. Senator Stiles said she would like to see data and results on the legislation now that the program has been implemented.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Michael Ciccio
Legislative Aide
Aide to the Health Education and Human Serivces Committee
NH State Senate

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