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ANHPE Update: Big Voucher Vote on Tuesday. Make a call tonight!

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Friends of New Hampshire Public Education,

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 12th, at 2:30, the House Ways and Means Committee will vote on HB 370, the voucher repeal bill.  There is no benefit to attending the meeting, but there is a great benefit to calling your representative if he or she is on the Ways and Means Committee.  Most Democrats will support repeal and most Republicans will oppose.  That is a given but the call is still important.  Our legislators need to hear that you care.

Here are all the House Ways and Means Committee members’ phone numbers and emails.  If you need to check on who your representatives are, you can do it here.  It’s best to call on the phone.  If you need to leave a message, that’s fine.  Fully but concisely state your position.  And when you leave a message, it would be good to follow up with an email, saying in the subject line that it is a follow-up to your phone call.

As to what you should say, it’s important to convey your own feelings in your own way.  However, you can get some background reading here, on our web site.  Some of this is geared to changing Senator Stiles’ vote when the bill gets to the Senate but, in the mean time, the points to make to committee members are the same.  Again, though, it’s best to give your own personal reasons for opposing vouchers in New Hampshire.  Then ask what their position is and let me know if you get any surprises.

HB 370 is likely to be voted on by the full House next week.  The prospects are good, but we will want to make more phone calls then.  I will send an email about that after the committee vote is complete.

Happy calling,


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