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Stiles should help reverse bad tax credit law – Jonathan Caldwell letter to the Portsmouth Herald

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Senator Stiles needs to hear from her constituents on the repeal of the voucher program (The repeal bill is HB 370).  Her contact information is:

Sen. Nancy Stiles
Legislative Office Building
Room 103-A
33 North State Street
Concord, NH 03301

And it would be a great idea to submit the same letter as a letter to the edior.  Here is a great example from today’s Portsmouth Herald.

Dear Sen. Stiles,

I read with great interest your op-ed of Feb. 6 regarding HB 370, the repeal of the education tax credit measure (SB 372).

While I am pleased you opposed the original legislation, I frankly cannot understand your opposition to the repeal.

You stated you were opposed to SB 372 because it was legislation in search of a problem. Yes, it was purely ideologically driven legislation, reflective of the composition of the prior House. Its sole purpose was the undermining and incremental dismantling of the public school system to satisfy certain political constituencies.

You mention the legal challenge as a solution. Why have a contentious, protracted legal battle if the majority of the people of New Hampshire realize this was a bad idea that should never have seen the light of day? You say we should have “data and evidence” that prior legislation is “bad” in order to overturn it. What data and evidence was included in the original legislation that said it would be “good?”

There is one thing we agree on. When controversial legislation is proposed and passed, it must have a sunset and review provision like the tobacco tax you cited.

We know full well that once a program gets rolling, it is doubly difficult to stop or undo. The time to stop SB 372 is now. I strongly urge you to reconsider your position. Truly, this is a case where one vote will make the difference and that vote is yours.

Jonathan Caldwell


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  1. Public School is what has kept us all in an understanding of ‘others’ and has the name: ‘the US great melting pot’.
    When the schools do not include all the denominations of the population then fear between societal factions takes over!

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