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A plea to Sen. Stiles to provide education for all, letter from Marcella Quandt to the Portsmouth Herald

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Marcella Quandt points out, respectfully, why Senator Stiles should reconsider her position on voucher repeal (highlight added):

I am a former elementary school teacher in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I am deeply concerned that Sen. Nancy Stiles will change her position on the school voucher law as she has indicated.

She wisely voted against this unconstitutional law, which forces taxpayers to pay for private and religious schools. It passed in spite of her vote against it in the previous, right-wing-dominated Legislature. Voters had assumed she was against this bill when they re-elected her. She now has the opportunity to vote to repeal this unfair bill. The repeal has already passed the House and needs Nancy’s vote to help it pass the Senate.

Private schools can only be afforded by those who can pay the tuition. Also, these schools can pick and choose who is eligible to attend. They can discriminate against any child who does not meet their approval. They are not held accountable to provide a curriculum that meets any national standards.

Public schools are expected to provide education for all children. Some of these children may excel. Some may have difficulty and need special attention. They come from diverse backgrounds and all are welcome. Some may be wealthy, middle class or poor. Some may have disabilities. Some may move from place to place. Through no fault of their own, they may have trouble keeping up with their class level.

I taught in a school where twin girls, who were both blind, used braille machines to help them in the mainstream classroom. They had aides, but other students interacted with them and they were popular with their classmates. Children who have a well-rounded education learn more than math and English. They hopefully learn to respect others and work together to broaden their horizons.

In this economy, every tax dollar counts. We are not encouraging young families to stay in this state if we cannot provide education for their children. Please, Nancy, listen to our plea for fairness.

Marcella Quandt


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