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There is no connection between the inBloom data warehouse and the Common Core

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New Hampshire should reject participation in the inBloom student data warehouse, if it ever comes to that, but the purpose of this post is just to make clear that there is no connection between the Common Core State Standards or Common Core testing and this proposed data warehouse.  Here’s an article from Education Week that should put that question to rest:

inBloom, the non-profit started with a hundred million dollar investment from the Gates Foundation, is planning to create a digital record which, barring catastrophe, truly could be a permanent record of every K12 student, from their first interaction with the schools to the last. The amount of information they are planning to collect is staggering. Here are the several hundred categories, which include academic records, attendance records, test results of all sorts, disciplinary incidents, special ed accommodations, and more.

via Will the Data Warehouse Become Every Student and Teacher’s “Permanent Record”? – Education Week.

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  1. George Manos says:

    There already have been frightening disclosures of governmental data mining of its citizens; now this about students.

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