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Four new charters per year funded in the budget to be voted on Wednesday

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Here’s a rather rough and ready piece from the Union Leader covering the funding for new charter schools.

Advocates for public charter schools have renewed hope for expansion, now that lawmakers included $3.4 million to fund four new charters over the next two years, with $1.7 million in each year of the biennium.

The 11th hour compromise reached last week as House and Senate negotiators hammered out a budget is the latest twist in a roller-coaster year for the charter school movement in New Hampshire.

The year started with a boycott in place on any new charters, imposed by the state Board of Education, which cited a lack of funding. Gov. Maggie Hassan proposed $18 million in her budget to fund the opening of new charter schools and allow expansion at many of the 18 charter schools that now serve New Hampshire students.

“Boycott” is an odd choice of words.  The Board of Education stopped approving charters because there were no funds available.  The real story is here.


The four most likely locations are those whose applications have been in the pipeline for the past year with the Board of Education. They include:

• The Gate City Charter School for the Arts, a K-6 school in Nashua with a projected enrollment of 100 students;

• The Seacoast High School for the Arts in the Exeter area, grades 9-12, with 100 students;

• Mountain Village Charter School, a K-6 school in the Plymouth area with a projected enrollment of 60 students, and;

• The Innovative Futures Technical Academy in Dover, grades 8-12, with a projected enrollment of 75.


via Hopes for charter school expansion receive boost- Union Leader

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