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Charters are a political, not an educational, choice (part 2)

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We have established that, sInce charters do not out-perform traditional public schools, charter schools are a political choice (or a profit choice, but more on that later). After all, if you had a theory of education that got results and you were interested in promoting achievement, you could just show teachers – public, private, charter…anyone – how to do it.

That’s what Expeditionary Learning does. Here is Ron Berger, Expeditionary Learning’s Chief Academic Officer, talking about their approach:

Since the mid-90’s, Expeditionary Learning has developed into a network of over 165 schools and thousands of teachers “dedicated to student success through academic achievement, character development, and high quality work.” They say,

“We provide a model that challenges students – even those starting with low skill levels – with high-level tasks and active roles in the classroom.”

Over that same 20-year period, charter icon KIPP has developed a network of 125 managed schools, some high quality, all highly promoted. KIPP has made itself a resource to the political “school choice” movement seeking a publicly funded, privately managed alternative to public education.

Expeditionary Learning has made itself a resource for improving public education for millions. An educational choice.

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  1. dahliaaguilar says:

    EL also has public charter schools amongst its network of public schools.

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