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The Common Core money war – Politico

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Politico provides good factual coverage of the emerging Common Core controversy and the forces at play on each side:

One of the most expensive political fights in America this year isn’t over a Senate seat or a governor’s mansion. It’s about what your kids learn in school.

Tens of millions of dollars are pouring into the battle over the Common Core academic standards, which aim to set a course for students’ progression in math and language arts from kindergarten through 12th grade.

via The Common Core money war

Although support among our educators is virtually universal, the debate about to become a more serious factor here in New Hampshire’s Legislature and school districts.

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  1. Scott Marion says:

    This Politico does a great job describing the factions in the debate. Even though I see these debates first hand, especially considering how much time I spend in the mountain west, I still can’t understand why these Beck-inspired believers don’t want their kids to learn more meaningful content and skills than they are now. Unless of course, some people don’t want students to learn how to think critically, but why would they:-)

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