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High-Profile Critic Of Education Reform Comes To N.H. – New Hampshire Public Radio

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I couldn’t get to see Diane Ravitch in Hanover Wednesday night but, fortunately, Sam Evans-Brown did and interviewed her for NHPR.  As a national advocate, most of her specific points about education reform and the Common Core were pretty cosmic compared to New Hampshire’s realities, but she does agree that teachers should tweak the Common Core as we do here in New Hampshire and that local control is important.  It’s worth a listen:

Diane Ravitch, one of the nation\’s loudest voices against efforts by recent presidents to reform American education, says teachers should be able to make changes to the new Common Core State Standards that New Hampshire schools are implementing now.

In her career Ravitch has gone from being an Assistant US Secretary of Education, supervising the country’s largest standardized test, to one of the nation’s most out-spoken opponents of such tests. She addressed a crowd at Dartmouth College Wednesday as part of a book tour promoting her latest book Reign of Error and before the talk NHPR\’s Education reporter, Sam Evans-Brown, caught up with her.

via High-Profile Critic Of Education Reform Comes To N.H. | New Hampshire Public Radio.

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  1. wgersen says:

    It’s too bad Diane Ravitch is called “anti-reform” instead of “pro public education” or “advocate for children raised in poverty”. I don’t agree with every blog post she writes (as my comments sometimes indicate) and I certainly don’t agree with her assessment of NH public schools vis a vis the nation… we are at LEAST second to VT in terms of high quality, democratically operated schools who honor teachers. I DO, however, wholeheartedly endorse her solutions for public education which are outlined in her book. They are:

    =>Provide good prenatal care for every pregnant woman.

    =>Make high-quality early-childhood education available to all children.

    =>Make sure every school has a “full, balanced, and rich curriculum.”

    =>Reduce class sizes.

    =>Provide medical and social services to the poor.

    =>Devise actionable strategies and specific goals to reduce racial segregation and poverty.

    => Ban for-profit charters and charter chains

    => Eliminate high-stakes standardized testing

    => Don’t allow “non-educators” to be teachers, principals, or superintendents

    => Don’t allow mayoral control of the schools

    => Don’t view education as a “consumer good”

    The so-called “reformers” take the opposite position on each of these or dismiss them as “pie in the sky”….

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