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Marc Tucker speech – and the Q&A – at the NH Legislature’s education session on the Common Core

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Here is a speech given by Marc Tucker, well known and widely respected education policy researcher (NCEE is his organization), at a legislative forum on October 29.  If you would rather read the speech, here it is.  It is definitely worth watching, all the way through the Q&A, which starts at minute 29:00.

At 32:38, Dr. Tucker answers the question about whether the Common Core supports Algebra in the 8th grade.  The short answer is, “Yes.”

At 39:00, data mining and student data privacy, which I discuss here in the New Hampshire context.

At 41:10, what are the other countries to which the Common Core standards have been benchmarked?  Dr. Tucker did not answer.  Here’s my answer.

At 42:45, is more government needed to make education better?

At 46:35, since you have received Gates money, are you just a spokesman for Microsoft?

At 51:00, shouldn’t we adopt MA standards since MA scores well on international tests?  Dr. Tucker uses this opportunity to talk more broadly about what it will take for U.S. education to become competitive globally.

At 55:14, Dr. Tucker discusses the fit between national standards and local control.

At 57:54, Dr. Tucker compares the new test to the old ones – Smarter Balanced to NECAP.

At 1:03:30, more on how states compare on international tests.  And if we’re doing so well, why do we need the Common Core?

At 1:04:40, how does the Common Core compare to E.D. Hirsh’s concept of core knowledge?

At 1:06, aren’t the costs of the Common Core high?

At 1:08, shouldn’t you support charter schools?

At 1:12:20, what about STEM?

At 1:13:37, how will the Common Core improve education for our children?


  1. johnmack34 says:

    Thank you so much for providing this outstanding talk by Marc Tucker.
    Your advocacy for education is exceptional.

    John Mack

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