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Wide acceptance of the Common Core around the country

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Education policy is a state-by-state affair and political debates in other states are mostly not relevant here in New Hampshire but here, for your edification, is a sampling of news coverage and editorials from around the country – a pretty impressive array of support:

Portland Tribune (OR), 10/31/13
Editorial: “Our Opinion: Common Core, uncommon solutions”

Despite what you might read in the blogosphere, the latest movement in public education reform is not an example of big government run amok.

The Common Core State Standards are not the product of liberal conspirators wanting to brainwash children. Nor are they the result of a conservative plot to undermine public education. They certainly don’t live up to the derisive name “Obama-core” — since the president had nothing to do with their development.

Vermont Department of Education, 10/31/13
Opinion: “Op Ed: Common Core – What is it and why did Vermont adopt it?”

Vermont was involved in developing these standards and we have also been instrumental in working on the assessment that will measure our new standards. Vermont and our bordering New England states have all been actively engaged in this work, we all see this as the logical evolution of our current standards. 

New America Media, 10/30/13
Article: “Who’s Afraid of the Common Core? Not California”

California’s old curriculum guidelines “were called a mile wide and an inch deep,” Ramanathan told reporters Tuesday on a telebriefing organized by New America Media.

A former teacher, he says that the Common Core brings with it “a reduction in the sheer number of standards” that will allow teachers to have “the ability to address the needs of students who are falling behind, but also the students are excelling.”

Topeka Capital-Journal, 10/30/13
Article: “New school tests may include research, writing tasks”

New annual mathematics and English tests for schools could see students completing mini-research projects and teachers across the state grading work from each other’s schools.

U.S. News & World Report, 10/30/13
Article: “Report: States Cannot Choose Cost Over Quality in Common Core Assessments”

..a new report from the Brookings Institution shows the cost of the new tests is not far from what most states already spend per student, and won’t increase significantly, even if more states leave two groups developing the tests for the majority of schools.

Education Week, 10/30/13
Article: “Exploring the Cost of Common-Core Tests” 

Detroit Free Press, 10/29/13
Article: “State House agrees to changes allowing spending on Common Core standards”

The standards have been controversial in Michigan and some other states where some, including a very vocal contingent of tea party activists, feared a federal takeover of education and the loss of local control over K-12 schools.

Hours of hearings were held this fall. The House passed the legislation with wide bipartisan support two weeks ago. And the Senate passed a slightly different version last week.

The final action today means the Department of Education can begin implementing the standards. 

Minds on Mathematics, 10/29/13
Blog Post: “Smarter Balanced spring PILOT opportunity: register now”

Longview Daily News (WA), 10/29/13
Article: “Kelso schools in pilot program for new student testing system”

OLReporter, 10/28/13
Blog Post: “Standardized Testing Accommodation Policy Released”

The Times Herald (Port Huron, MI), 10/28/13
Opinion: “Common Core can aid our schools”

The controversy that made the Common Core adoption appears to have been overcome. Michigan is closer now to joining 44 other states that adopted Common Core.

It makes sense to adopt uniform educational standards. It took longer than it should have, but Michigan education is poised to improve.

Muskegon Chronicle (MI), 10/28/13
Opinion: “Viewpoint: Common Core standards will raise student achievement while maintaining local control, lawmakers say”

Educators by and large support Common Core standards. Our State Board of Education, our local school boards, our local administrators and teachers all support the standards. Additionally, the business community supports Common Core because businesses, more than most, understand that better standards make better students and those students become better employees. Both the Michigan and Grand Rapids Chambers of Commerce support Common Core standards for this reason.

We support the continued implementation of the Common Core standards because they set high standards while maintaining local control over curriculum. We have great schools in West Michigan. Embracing Common Core standards will help continue this strong tradition.

Sen. Arlan B. Meekhof, R-West Olive, Rep. Joe Haveman, R-Holland, Rep. Amanda Price, R-Park Township, Rep. Roger Victory, R-Hudsonville submitted this Viewpoint.

Education Week, 10/28/13
Article: “A Common-Core Challenge: Learners With Special Needs”

Education Week, 10/28/13
Article: “Tech Assistance in Testing Poses Practical Issues”

Grand Forks Herald (ND), 10/27/13
Opinion: “Kirsten Baesler: Common Core standards ‘offer floor, not ceiling’”

Idaho Press-Tribune, 10/26/13
Article: “K-12 testing expert speaks on new Common Core-based exam”–testing-expert-speaks-on-new-common-core-based/article_f15f5d2c-3dfd-11e3-b3a4-0019bb2963f4.html

Grand Rapids Business Journal (MI), 10/25/13
Opinion: “Core standards hike achievement”

EdSource, 10/25/13
Article: “Districts confirm they’re moving ahead with Common Core”

Stamford Advocate (CT), 10/24/13
Opinion: “Opportunities to explore Common Core Standards”

Columbia Missourian, 10/24/13
Article: “Online, adaptive MAP tests to track students’ progress”

Education Week, 10/23/13
Opinion: “Raising the Bar: What the Common Core State Standards Mean for Everyone” 

Education Week, 10/22/13
Opinion: “Common Core and Disadvantaged Students” 

Associated Press, 10/20/13
Article: “Vt. schools eager to try new standardized tests” 

Reedsburg Times-Press (WI), 10/19/13
Opinion: “Why the Common Core State Standards are right for Wisconsin”

Wisconsin is in the midst of legislative hearings on the Common Core State Standards. During the first hearing Oct. 3 in Madison, I shared an anecdote from a teacher in a small northern Wisconsin school district.

She wrote, “Thank you so much for your strong stand on the Common Core. I see how our math classes have changed for the better – really making students think! Keep up the good work.” 


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    And don’t forgot the nice endorsement by our own Portsmouth Press Herald in this morning’s paper:

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