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Nashua school board turns down measure fighting Common Core – Nashua Telegraph

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The Nashua school board vote didn’t get too much attention last week, but it’s an important foreshadowing on the upcoming legislative session.  School board member and state representative David Murotake proposed a resolution (here’s my post about it) urging the state department of education to postpone implementation of the Common Core and the new annual Smarter Balanced test.  The board rejected the motion, 6-3.

Here is video of the 3 hour meeting and the Nashua Telegraph coverage of the meeting:

Nashua community members urged the Board of Education to review its decision to implement Common Core Standards in district schools at a special discussion Monday.

Despite the community’s concern, the board voted turned down the resolution after nearly three hours of discussion. Board President Robert Hallowell said another proposal of its kind will be unlikely.

“Essentially, it would be very difficult for someone to bring it up again now, because it will be similar legislation,” he said. “Doesn’t mean it can’t happen in January, when the new board sits.”

Officials scheduled the meeting to review a resolution to the standards proposed by board member David Murotake. Common Core’s assessment details were the main subject of debate, as they question students about their behaviors and values.

“What they’re measuring in these assessments are your students’ attitudes, values and beliefs,” one community member said. “It’s not a valid assessment for our children.”


see the rest at  Nashua school board turns down measure fighting Common Core – Nashua Telegraph.

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