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Common Core debate – and education commissioner Virginia Barry – fire up crowd – Union Leader

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Here is Dave Solomon’s write-up on yesterday’s hearing on a couple of the anti-Common Core bills.  An impressive list of Common Core supporters testified in opposition to the bills, many of whom have not spoken out before (more on that over the weekend).

But the highlight was Commissioner Barry’s impassioned plea that, after seven years of discussing the Common Core, the State should move on to do the real work for New Hampshire children:

CONCORD — Commissioner of Education Virginia Barry came ready for a fight at a legislative hearing Thursday, calling opponents of Common Core “misinformed.”

She accused them of attempting to deny local control to school districts that have been putting the standards in place for the past four years. “Asking for laws that prevent implementation flies in the face of local control,” she said.

Her passion was not lost on opponents at the House Education Committee hearing. “I have never seen Virginia Barry so fired up,” said Doris Hohensee, chairwoman of N.H. Families for Education.

The large hearing room in the Legislative Office Building was filled, with some of the 60 to 70 people lining the walls, as speakers took turns deriding or supporting two bills.

The hearings focused on one bill (HB 1239), which requires a cost-analysis of the educational standards adopted in 45 states, and another (HB1508) that would forbid the Department of Education from implementing them.


read the rest at Common Core debate fires up crowd – Union Leader.

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