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Liberty legislators reconvene to oppose the Common Core

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Here is a press conference organized by Rep. Jane Cormier (R-Alton), apparently in support of all five of the bills seeking to end the Common Core in New Hampshire.

This gathering of public education opponents included former representative Greg Hill, most famous for saying that the goal of private school vouchers is to get “as many students as possible out of the ‘system‘.”  Lenette Peterson (R-Merrimack), who speaks second, wanted to abolish DOE and end compulsory school attendance in the last Legislature and proposes in the current session (HB 1508) to end the Common Core in New Hampshire.  Ralf Boehm (R-Litchfield) is there.  Although he is a member of the House Education Committee, he supported bills in the last Legislature to end universal kindergarten and lower the dropout age.  Freshman legislator David Murotake (R-Nashua) is there too.  He has sponsored three of the five anti-Common Core bills.  And then there are the Cornerstone and other liberty advocates who frequently testify for vouchers and against the Common Core.

Rep. Cormier, the organizer of the press conference and first speaker, sponsors two of the anti-Common Core bills.  Her own bill is oddest of all.  She proposes that the Democratically controlled New Hampshire House pass HB 1397 setting up a Republican study committee to investigate the New Hampshire Department of Education for breaking the law by implementing the Common Core.  The bill accuses NHDOE of committing such offenses as:

  • hiring regional liaisons to implement the Common Core “without the knowledge and consent of school district boards…denying the people a republican form of government as guaranteed under article 4 of the United States Constitution”
  • abrogating  “the right of people within their school districts “to hire their own teachers, and of contracting with them” as provided in Part I, Article 6 of the New Hampshire constitution.
  • not providing “either accurate and detailed minutes or video recordings” of State Board of Education Meeting.

At its committee hearing last week, Rep. Cormier’s bill was called a “search and destroy mission,” a characterization you can hear her strenuously object to here, but it is so appropriate that it is bound to stick.

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  1. Scott Marion says:

    One of the reasons why many of us advocate for the common core is because of the continuing emphasis on teaching kids how to do “close reading” of texts and to write arguments based on facts and evidence, not just wild opinions. What are these folks afraid of? Oh yeah, stay away from the facts because it might get in the way of preconceived opinions!

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