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Open letter to signers of the open letter from Nashua Board of Education members

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Open Letter Signers,

Your letter raises a number of questions.

You say that you are acting as individuals – but also as officials elected to oversee Nashua’s schools.  How is that possible?

And why are you willing to do board business – make a request of NHDOE – in a letter you say your are signing as individuals but that gives the impression you are signing as board members?

Are you trying to have it both ways?

You are a board majority.  If you really think that Nashua should choose its own annual test, why don’t you pass a motion saying that?

Maybe you realize that it is just not possible for each New Hampshire community to choose a different test for the annual “statewide assessment.”  If so, why do you put your names on a letter making that impossible request?

And why would you enlist Fairgrounds Principal John Nelson, who reports to you as board members, in your own personal political mission?  He says that he did not send his letter to the board and that you are using it in a way that is inconsistent with his intent.  Did you know that?  Did anyone talk with principal Nelson?

There are other errors, including the confused reference to a mythical future test, but my message is simple.

You have been misusing your board of education positions in a political fight over the Common Core.  There is no viable alternative to the Smarter Balanced test, nor is there a need for one.  You should rethink your position.


Bill Duncan


  1. Scott Marion says:

    Interestingly, as a school board member in Rye, I know that if more than two of us “gather” to discuss issues related to the students in our district or related issues, we are subject to open meeting laws and it should become part of regular board business. And “gather” can be in person or electronically. Maybe the same rules don’t apply in Nashua?

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