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Have we finally seen the end of over-the-top advocacy on HB 1432, the bill to postpone Common Core testing?

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Legislative advocacy in support of HB 1432 has been overwrought from the beginning.  The prime sponsor, Rep. David Murotake (R-Nashua) has repeatedly asserted that New Hampshire’s Common Core test is “high-stakes” when it actually carries the lowest stakes in the country.  Co-sponsor Rep. Glenn Cordelli (R-Tuftonboro) has testified erroneously about privacy and even brought the Florida education bureaucracy into it – and then gone so far as to solicit a letter from the State’s NECAP test vendor to give the impression that there is an alternative to the Smarter Balanced test.

Actually, it has never been clear what HB 1432 was really about.  Is it about stopping all testing, including competency-based testing (as the bill says), or just stopping Smarter Balanced, or stopping all “Common Core associated” testing?  The sponsors have seemed to take all those positions at one time or another.

But advocacy for HB 1432 really went over the top when Rep. Murotake used his position on the Nashua Board of Education, in violation of the New Hampshire’s open meetings statute, to get his fellow board members to sign a letter in support of his bill.

Now the board members are apologizing for it.  The Union Leader reported,

“The Board of Education ended its meeting Monday night with one member after another taking the floor to apologize for signing an open letter supporting the Nashua Teachers Union and its request to delay Common Core-based assessment testing for at least two years.”

The Nashua Telegraph said,

“A majority of the school board likely violated one of the state’s public meeting laws when they signed and distributed an open letter asking for a delay in a new statewide education assessment, according to a city attorney.”

After all that, House Education Committee Rep. Rick Ladd (R-Haverhill) offered an amendment in committee that was so confusing that the committee voted 8-7 to recommend interim study on the amended form of the bill.

There’s not much left of the HB 1432 at this point.

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