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Indiana renames the Common Core! Common Core opponents outraged.

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From the far-rights New American:

Celebrations by parents, teachers, and taxpayers across the political spectrum over the purported death of Common Core in Indiana may have been premature. When legions of outraged Hoosiers forced lawmakers to pass legislation dropping the Obama administration-pushed nationalization of K-12 education, which Republican Gov. Mike Pence signed on Monday, they thought that would be the end of the deeply controversial standards. However, now that drafts of Indiana’s “new” standards have emerged, it is clear that they were largely copied and pasted from the scandal-plagued Common Core.

Officials still celebrated the bill, perhaps hoping nobody would notice or care.


According to education expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who refused to sign off on the national standards while serving on the Common Core Validation Committee and was hired by Indiana to review the state’s “new” proposed standards, what is happening is tantamount to “grand deception.”

The retired University of Arkansas professor explained that the draft standards proposed as a replacement for Common Core in Indiana, in fact, are almost the same as the national scheme that sparked the public uproar in the first place. Incredibly, internal government documents actually reveal that as much as 90 percent of the “new” standards were taken from Common Core, meaning the “new” is essentially a repackaged version of the old.

“It makes a fool of the governor,” Dr. Stotsky, one of the premier national experts on Common Core, was quoted as saying by Fox News about Indiana’s allegedly “new” standards. “The governor is being embarrassed by his own Department of Education if the final version is too close to Common Core.” Based on the legislation rejecting Common Core, the Indiana Board of Education is set to vote on the proposed “new” standards in late April. It was not immediately clear whether they would be approved, but opposition is building as the public slowly realizes it has been taken for a ride.


Veteran Indiana educator Mary Black, who has been teaching for 40 years, also lambasted the attempted deception taking place in her state. “The truth about Common Core in Indiana is that we still have Common Core; it is just renamed,” explained Black, who currently serves as Curriculum Director for FreedomProject Education, an online K-12 school dedicated to classical education and Judeo-Christian values. “The commission established to write the new Indiana standards ‘by Hoosiers and for Hoosiers,’ as Gov. Pence put it, was filled by publicly known proponents of Common Core.”


For the governor, it may be about slick politics. “Governor Pence, a neocon, is using this so-called victory over Common Core to deceive Hoosiers into thinking he took a stand against the standards for political gains,” Black continued, adding that despite the rhetoric, the reality on the ground suggests the governor is just playing games with the public for his own purposes. “His ambitions to become president are well-known.”

The full article is here.

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