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On Common Core, Chester Finland and Michael Petrelsinki cry uncle

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Yes, they’re hard core school choice conservatives.  But I think these guys are great anyway:

Chester J. Finland, Jr. and Michael E. Petrelsinki

March 31, 2014

When it comes to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, Fordham has long worn its heart on its sleeve: we were among the first to call for a multi-state push for higher standards and for more rigorous (and comparable) assessments. Our enthusiasm for this particular set of standards stems from our finding, dating back to 2010, that the Common Core standards are significantly stronger than what was on the books in three-quarters of the states and on par with the rest.

Still, we at Fordham pride ourselves on our open minds and willingness to change course when new evidence presents itself. So with a touch of sadness, but also courage in our convictions, we hereby renounce and repudiate our support for the Common Core.

read the rest here:  On Common Core, we cry uncle. It’s great!

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