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Likely Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee discusses his shifiting position on the Common Core on Meet the Press

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We frequently observe in these pages that the basis for opposition to the Common Core tends to be political convictions rather than educational objections. New Hampshire educators who work with the Common Core in their classrooms, for instance strongly favor the standards.  The argument from opponents, on the other hand, tends to center on federal overreach and Gates Foundation funding.

Former Fox News host and probable presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s recent interview on  Meet the Press demonstrated this very point when he discussed his shifting position on the Common Core on January 25th. Host Chuck Todd quoted a letter that the former Arkansas governor wrote in 2013 to the state of Oklahoma in which Mr. Huckabee described the standards as “near and dear to [his] heart.” Mr. Huckabee also  reportedly told the Council of Chief State School Officers in 2014 to “Rebrand [the Common Core], refocus it, but don’t retreat.”

But on Meet the Press, Mr. Huckabee suggested that the standards have changed (they haven’t) and that President Obama has taken control of them (federal overreach)–a position he apparently feels a  Republican presidential candidate must take.

You can watch the interview below.

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  1. You miss the message.
    Very difficult to get an active school teacher or administrator to complain about common core. They are subject to discipline. That is why you only hear from school teachers and administrators praising it.
    School boards and responsible parents who are anti common core have been challenged to explain how Common Core is built into the re-authorization of ESEA now being fast-forwarded by Senator Alexander and Senator Kline. Very simple.

    People who care about the security and defense of this country should Google Rep. John Kline and Sen. Lamar Alexander (direct e-mail is possible on their websites) that they don’t want any bill re-authorizing ESEA at all. They want ESEA sunsetted after extensive national public discussion of how to educate low-income children without damaging them further and all of public education K-20 at the same time.

    The bill builds in Common Core in a clever way–by putting the “Plan” for academic content standards in each state in the hands of its DoE. Moreover, not only does it put control of the “Plan” into a state’s department of education, it also excludes development and review of the “Plan” by academic experts at the college level. Very clever language contributed probably by Fordham.

    “which peer review teams shall re flect a balanced representation of individuals who—
    (I) have practical experience in the classroom, school administration, or State or local government; and
    (II) have been a direct employee of a school, local educational agency, or State educational agency…”

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