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Manchester Board of School Committee votes to adopt statewide test – Union Leader

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Sarah Ambrogi and other key board members understood that there was really no choice in the end.  Here is how the Union leader reported the meeting:

MANCHESTER — The Board of School Committee reversed its collision course with state education officials on Wednesday and voted to adopt the Smarter Balanced statewide assessment test.

The vote brings to an end a months-long standoff between Manchester and the state Department of Education, which has insisted that the city’s refusal to participate in the test could threaten millions of dollars in federal education aid not only for the city, but the state as a whole.

The board voted 9-4 to direct the superintendent to administer Smarter Balanced over the heated objections of Mayor Ted Gatsas, who has asserted the district’s right to go its way with the Smarter Balanced test and the controversial national Common Core standards with which it is aligned.

The motion to adopt Smarter Balanced was made by Ward 1 school board member Sarah Ambrogi, who said the board had initially opted to reject the test back in August when it believed the state would grant the district a waiver from the test.

“As was made clear, no wavier is forthcoming, and there’s a significant amount of funding the district stands to lose that will create severe problems for the district going forward,” she said. “To administer the Smarter Balanced test this year … is the fiscally responsible choice.”

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  1. Scott Marion says:

    Good for the students and teachers of Manchester. Now that can fully focus on their main job–teaching and learning of meaningful knowledge and skills!

  2. mboucher75 says:

    I give Mayor Gatsas and the Board of School Members that supported him a standing ovation!
    Check out what this district in Indiana is doing…… This movie should be mandatory viewing for all who are making decisions that directly impact our children and their educational journey. If you don’t want to purchase it…I suggest you watch the “trailer” clips. Educators across America feel like Judy Roberts! We need more leadership like this!

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