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House adopts variety of anti-assessment bills –Union Leader

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The Union Leader reports that the House adopted a variety of education bills this week, many regarding state standards, assessment, and curriculum. Arguing in favor of HB 276, bill sponsor Rep. Rick Ladd said that school boards should be allowed to adopt their own standards, while Rep. Mary Heath pointed out that no current law requires districts to adopt the Common Core standards, leaving them free to choose their own without the help of the bill.

Also passed this week was HB 578, which would prohibit the state board of education from requiring school districts to adopt federal mandates without those mandates being fully funded by federal dollars.

Bill opponents said it would result in the loss of federal money to help pay for statewide assessment testing required by state and federal law.

Rep. Glenn Cordelli, R-Tuftonboro, said the state needs to stand up to federal mandates and federal intrusion in education.“This is the live free or die state,” Cordelli said. “Think of the men and women who sat in these seats and served the people of New Hampshire. What did they say about federal intrusion?”

But Rep. Mel Myler, D-Hopkinton, said much of the bill makes “nice political points but has no effect,” but does have a real impact on the state’s ability to develop required statewide testing.

Read the full Union Leader article here, and see our summary of the House debate on these bills here, here, and here.


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