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Gov. Hassan’s veto of HB 603, the opt out bill, strongly supported by the NH business community

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There has been wide coverage of Gov. Hassan’s veto of HB 603, the bill that would allow parents to opt students out of the annual statewide assessment without penalty to the student or the school district.  The most complete coverage has been by the AP, published in the Concord Monitor but the Union Leader did its own story as well, featuring the letter the Business and Industry Association sent Gov. Hassan urging her to veto the bill. 

From the AP:

In her veto message, Hassan said the bill could jeopardize federal funding and would send a message that New Hampshire doesn’t value high standards. The statewide chamber of commerce sent Hassan a letter urging her to veto the bill.

“These tests provide the only statewide snapshot as to how our public schools are performing, serving as an additional measure to inform us about how well students are being educated,” Hassan said.

From the Union Leader:

The New Hampshire Business and Industry Association, a statewide chamber of commerce, has supported the Common Core standards and the related Smarter Balanced Assessment.

“Assessments are important. They provide parents and teachers with information needed to help students be successful,” said BIA President Jim Roche.

“Aside from the very real fiscal ramifications of losing significant education aid to New Hampshire, HB 603 sends a message that our state doesn’t value student achievement and educational excellence,” he said. “This is not a message that is conducive to economic growth and will likely discourage companies from considering New Hampshire as a state to grow an existing business or locate a new one.”

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