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The school choice lineup: who’s on each side?

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There’s a substantial array of groups aligned to actively support publicly funded individual school choice in New Hampshire.  In addition to national advocates like Cato, a wide range of education groups, the president and his U.S. Department of Education, the New Hampshire lineup includes (in no particular order):

  • Governor Sununu
  • The New Hampshire Department of Education, led by its commissioner, Frank Edelblut
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • Cornerstone Action
  • Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, led by the State Board of Education chair Drew Cline
  • The School District Governance Association of New Hampshire
  •  A majority of New Hampshire House and House Education Committee members
  • The majority of the New Hampshire State Senate
  • Many of the members of the Manchester Board of School Committee, some members of the Nashua Board of Education and probably some other members of local school boards
  • A substantial number of long term opponents of New Hampshire public education policy managing Facebook pages and websites with names like “Stop Common Core New Hampshire” and “School Choice New Hampshire,” including Kenneth Gorrell who was just appointed to the Professional Standards Board advising the state board of education on teacher certification.
  • Many private schools and their associations
  • The New Hampshire association of charter schools
  • Various political organizations such as the Liberty Alliance
  • The Children’s Scholarship Fund, a national group that administers the 2012 voucher program, advocates against public education and dictated the contents of SB 193 with the intention of ensuring that it would administer the program.

While there are many important supporters of public education – from the unions and state professional associations to Reaching Higher NH, the New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education, the Business and Industry Association, the PTA and local school boards –  all committed to moving New Hampshire public education forward, there is as yet no coalition to actively oppose the efforts to replace neighborhood schools with the parental choice education marketplace.

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