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Debra Foster letter to the Concord Monitor: Where’s the money for voucher bill coming from?

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Debra Foster of Dunbarton wrote a great, thoughtful, short letter to the Monitor in response the the Mary Wilke oped we’ve been linking everyone to.  Ms. Foster said,

Thank you Mary Wilke (Monitor Forum, March 17) for pointing out what the latest reality of the proposed Senate Bill 193 or “Education Savings Accounts” bill really means for each town in New Hampshire.

The Legislature is very quiet about how it would pay for this voucher bill that would give public funds to families who home school or choose to send their child to a private or religious school without educational accountability. Your column points out that it will be our property taxes that will leave our towns and flow into a savings account that helps only a few children with only a one-time $1,500 consolation prize to the town for each child that qualifies. The majority of children left in the schools will suffer any consequences of reduced funds to local schools.

You are correct in that this bill is concerned only about the few and ignores the many in a community. How unfair is that to those children left behind? Where is our sense of community support that New Hampshire prides itself on?

Your column reveals the continued flaw in this bill and the loss of local control when property tax dollars are sent out of town and away from their local schools. Call your local representatives at the State House and ask them where the money will come from to pay for this proposed SB 193 and ask them not to vote for this bill when it comes up for a final vote.



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