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Letter to the Concord Monitor: SB 193 is wrong vehicle for school choice

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Linda Mattalge of Concord writes in the Monitor today:

Wednesday’s Monitor had a wonderful story about Allenstown Elementary School and the outstanding job it has done to improve its rating with the State Board of Education (Monitor front page, March 28). It is no longer a “focus school” in need of improvement but has actually outperformed state averages in math and reading among its low-income students. Unfortunately, if Senate Bill 193 becomes law, this kind of improvement could be undermined by decreased state funding to focus schools.

The educational savings accounts proposed by this bill would siphon funds to private schools and home schooling. In addition, the standards for the schools receiving these funds are so vague as to be almost non-existent. There is no good way to know if the children utilizing these ESA’s are performing to any reliable standards.

Unlike the children of Allenstown Elementary, they and their parents will be on their own. I understand that school choice is a lofty goal. Unfortunately, SB 193 is not the vehicle for achieving it.



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