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This is a key moment to communicate with the House Finance Committee about SB 193, the voucher bill

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After months trying to write a version of SB 193 that could gain support, the House Finance Committee Division II subcommittee (here are the members) voted 7-1 yesterday to recommend Interim Study to the full Finance Committee.  On April 25, the full Finance Committee will vote on its recommendation to the full House.  The full House will vote on the bill in the first week of May, probably May 4th.  If the House supports Interim Study or ITL, the bill will be dead for this year.

The fundamental bipartisan rejection of the whole concept of Education Savings Account vouchers in the Division II is, however, no assurance of a similar vote in the 26 member Finance Committee (16 Republicans).  All Democrats will vote against SB 193.  Unremitting pressure on Republicans from the Governor and House leadership is sure to lead to a very tough vote in the full Finance Committee, but rejection of the bill by a substantial number of Finance Committee Republicans would send a strong message to their colleagues in the House.

So now is the time to write to email House Finance Committee members at and submit letters to the editor.

For reference, here is the version of the bill that the Finance Committee will vote on, here are some key points, and here are our recent posts.

But most everything that can be said about SB 193 has been said.  More important than detailed closely reasoned arguments at this point is just that Finance Committee members hear from parents and citizens.

Let them know you care!

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