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Governor Sununu: opposition to SB 193 comes only from “the unions” and their big money

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Here is a 10 minute interview with Governor Sununu about SB 193. The dominant theme is that all the opposition comes from “the unions”, which have spent big money to oppose the bill.  We do, of course, hope that teachers would oppose a bill that would burden their local property taxpayers and reduce their ability to teach their students.  But all of you know that opposition is far broader and deeper than that.

So take a minute to listen and, as you communicate with your legislators (contact info here), let them know that you are parents, grandparents and citizens concerned that SB 193 will hurt our children and our State.


  • 1:15 – “We work with both sides on [Education Savings Accounts]”, by which the Governor means the strong Republican opposition to SB 193.
  • 3:35 – “It’s people driving real policy, not politicians.” Actually, the sponsor of SB 193, Sen. John Reagan, told a January 11, 2018 forum in Deerfield that he got the idea from a summer workshop by EdChoice, the main national advocate for vouchers.
  • 4:55 – the opposition comes from “the unions…it’s not a battle of the teachers, it’s not a battle of the public schools, but union leadership doesn’t want anything to change.  How dare you try to change our system?” No comment needed.
  • 8:17 – “It’s very easy to say I’m putting more money into the ‘system’….but that is old school thinking.  That is the government focusing on the institution not the individual.  It’s the taxpayers’ money.  Give it back to them.  Let them decide how best to create their pathways.”  There you have it.  The DeVos vision for public education and the fundamental debate of our time: the community vs. everyone for themselves.
  • 9:35 – “The other side, the unions, have put so much money in a false narrative against this that it’s going to be hard [to pass SB 193].”  It’s also hard to imagine the unions as the source of the Republican opposition to SB 193 that has led to weeks of delay dedicated to leadership arm twisting.  The Governor goes on to say that if it doesn’t pass he’ll keep trying.


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  1. Nancy Smith says:

    I don’t know what planet the Governor lives on – but I’m no union member and I am adamantly opposed to this bill. I do not want my tax dollars spent on private schools. We need to stand up an support our public school system and resist the R’s obvious attempt to undermine them

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