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House Finance Committee recommends Interim Study on SB 193 by a vote of 14-12

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In the face of unremitting pressure from the Governor and House leadership, House Finance chair Neal Kurk (R, Weare, and Reps. Frank Byron (R, Littlefield, ) and Robert Theberge (R, Berlin, voted with all committee Democrats to send SB 193 to the House with a recommendation of Interim Study.

Chairman Kurk said, explaining his vote briefly, “I was not elected to downshift costs to my constituents.”

Please take a minute to express your appreciation for the strong stands taken by Reps. Kurk, Byron and Theberge (email addresses above).

It will take that same kind of fortitude and conviction for others to oppose the bill when it comes up for a vote on Thursday, May 3th.  Many in both parties agree that business and property taxes should benefit all public school children rather than subsidizing private school for a few.  So now is the time to write or call your Reps (contact info is here) and let them know there is a lot of support out there for doing the right thing.

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  1. Gary Hunter says:

    Governor Sununu may be surprised to see how broadly SB193 is opposed. His continuing popularity may hinge on the bill’s defeat, sparing the good governor his signature, and a backlash that retires him back to the ski industry.

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