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The Senate has amended HB 1636 to include the language from SB 193

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At 9:30 tonight (Thursday), the Senate amended HB 1636, creating a study committee about charter school teacher preparation and making unused district school facilities available to charter schools, to include the language of SB 193.

It is not clear which version of SB 193 the Senate amended into HB 1636 nor is it clear whether the amended bill will go to a conference committee or straight to the House floor for an an up or down vote on a motion to concur.

Update, 5/3 at 10:40:  Here is the amended version of HB 1636,  The added language is the version that passed the Senate in March of 2017.

To be continued.


  1. The last line : “The proposed finance Committee amendment to SB 193 shifts the burden of paying for private school vouchers to New Hampshire’s property tax payers…. sounds as if there is a definite ‘situation’ for all of us who believe in equality for all…and who work hard for equal opportunity, and discovering the outstandingly talented who bravely use their experience getting to know all the financially wealthy as well as the not so fortunate…and who seek equality for all.

  2. Thank You for the opportunity to put in my 2 cents ! I am a retired high school and college faculty member teacher of VISUAL ART and WEAVING. I am presently a member of the Laconia Heritage Commission and volunteer teach art at our Belknap C0 House of Corrections

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