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Attend the Education Funding 101 forum in Manchester tonight!

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Here are the details. Kevin Landrigan tees it up in his column today:

Supporters for overhauling the education aid law will host a 12th forum tonight (Thursday) at Memorial High School in Manchester.

Meanwhile, two NH House committees took testimony earlier this week on several bills championed by the forum founders, Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky, D-Concord, and Concord lawyer John Tobin.

At the outset, Volinsky said Gov. Chris Sununu and the Legislature need to restore cuts made in the last two state budgets to stabilization grants that are meant to help communities hardest hit with high public school costs.

The two also seek a commission with professional staff to update the cost of a constitutionally assured adequate education and study ways to pay for it

“In part we want to encourage those attending to talk with their elected representatives and press the point that the local property tax is a terribly onerous burden for working families,” said Volinsky, who is considering a 2020 run for governor.

“For communities like Manchester with student populations that need additional services, the problem is just exacerbated.”

Volinsky and Tobin were part of the lead legal team that won the Claremont lawsuit, which led to the state Supreme Court ruling that reliance on the local property tax was unconstitutional.

But Volinsky said those local taxes pay 73 percent of total school costs.

Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes of Concord has signed onto an interim way to pay for these increases in grants (HB 686), which is to impose a 5 percent capital gains tax.

The bill would at least double the exemption that all working families would get from the existing 5 percent tax on interest and dividends and if adopted it would raise $84 million in 2020.

The forum starts at 6 p.m.

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