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House Education Committee votes 17-3 to return the stabilization fund to 2016 levels

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HB 177, for which a public hearing was held two weeks ago, was amended to go back to the 2016 level.  The original bill only went back to 2018 levels. Rep. Luneau brought the amendment and will take the bill to the House floor.  Rep. Luneau, Ladd, Boehm, Myler, and others spoke strongly about the urgency of the bill.

Rep.  Cordelli wanted only to go back to 2018 levels and he will speak for the minority on the House floor.

(writeup from John Tobin)

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  1. Kathy hubert says:

    Newport and many other towns desperately need the stop the hemorrhaging of tax dollars. The deliberative session was held this passed Saturday in my town, Newport and the cost to the local tax payers for 2019 could be an additional $5.38 per thousand on top of an already high school tax rate. The State needs to restore the adequacy aid immediately and fix the archaic way we fund public education. Property poor towns are getting poorer and our children are not receiving an adequate public education. Yet the Governor states that NH is economically strong and the State has a budget surplus…that’s not the NH reality in Newport and Claremont NH. Restore the aid NOW..

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