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Two opportunities this week to email or testify against the “Learn Everywhere” proposal to hijack high school diplomas

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We’ve posted about the threat posed by the education department’s proposed “Learn Everywhere” program.  And here’s an oped appearing in papers around the state making the same case, that Learn Everywhere is actually a fundamental threat to the integrity of the high school diplomas granted by every district in the State.

On Tuesday, February 12, at 10:45 in room 103 of the Legislative Office Building, the Senate Education Committee will hold a public hearing on committee chair Jay Kahn’s bill, SB 140, which would eliminate the authority of the state board of education to make this kind of rule.  In other words, it would keep the authority over high school diplomas where it belongs, with the local school boards.  This is a good opportunity to testify or email the committee members in support (,,,,

It will be possible to stop the program at the state board of education level by convincing a majority of board members to modify the program to function only with local school board approval.  That meeting is February 14, at 9:30, at the Department of Education.

In addition to testifying at the formal hearing, comments can be put into the record by appearing at the 9:00 Public Comment portion of the agenda.

In all cases, it would be best to leave written testimony.

If it is not possible to get there, emailing the board would create a public record or your comment on the rule.  That can be done by addressing the board in an email to the chair (Andrew Cline,, with a copy to Angela Adams (, asking her to distribute to the full board.



  1. Peter says:

    Why is Jay Kahn’s bill better than simply repealing SB435? SB435 just added one line of text. Wouldn’t deleting that line solve the problem?

    • ANHPE says:

      Good point, Peter. One reason, I guess, would be that SB 140 is there and a repeal bill isn’t. Also, if the rules made under SB 435 said that districts “may” instead of “shall” accept the credits, maybe there’s little harm done by whatever SBOE does. And it could be harder to veto SB 140 than a repeal bill….

      But there would be no harm in making your point in testimony.

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