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Comment on Learn Everywhere from Berlin Superintendent Corinne Cascadden

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We have been making the point that school districts work hard to ensure that their diplomas fit their students needs and are credible.  In expressing her own opposition to the Learn Everywhere program, Berlin Superintendent Corinne Cascadden sent the following comment to the State Board of Education on that very issue:

“Public School educators undertake a rigorous process for certification/licensing and schools make team decisions on what course of study is deserving of credits towards graduation. Allowing anyone who may or may not hold education credentials to propose course credit sets up for a “free-for-all” platform. We support personalized learning. Our schools are engaged in that process. There must be good checks and balances for our students to succeed and be valuable for the workforce. Why not depend on the professionalism of public school employees.”

This is sure to be a widely shared view.


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