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Full court press for vouchers redux: Learn Everywhere

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Learn Everywhere is clearly an all-hands-on-deck effort for Commissioner Edelblut and the national network of school choice advocates.

Here is video of the commissioner spending a Saturday morning with the School District Governance Association of New Hampshire, seeking to “help elected school district officials discover their powers….and resume their role of keeping schools and administration accountable to taxpayers.”  In a talk called “The Future of Schooling,” the theme of yesterday’s Union Leader op-ed, he is asking school board members to communicate with their superintendents and the State Board of Education in support of his Learn Everywhere proposal.

And here is the commissioner in Conway, with the same message.

And there is another piece in yesterday’s Manchester Ink Link.  This one is by Colleen Hroncich, identified as a senior fellow at the Commonwealth Foundation, a free-market think tank in Pennsylvania (@Liberty4PA).  She is advocating for Learn Everywhere as a “game-changing proposal…first-in-the-nation approach.”

The program would indeed be a big step on the new path.  It would demonstrate the viability of the of the new “Public Education is much broader than public schooling” theme in a much more powerful package than would another high profile voucher program.  There would no need to form private schools, debate accountability issues or contest for public money, at least not until there was a large constituency for the program.  The key feature is that private groups would get to grant credits in any high school in the State, whether or not the districts elected school board considered the credits credible.

And the program would set this major new direction for New Hampshire public education in a state board rule rather than having to defend it in the normal forum of legislative debate.

Smart strategy, but it’s hard to believe that the State Board of Education will actually adopt a rule that sets New Hampshire’s fabled local control school system on its head as Learn Everywhere does.


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  1. Nancy Smith says:

    This is just another attempt to weaken our public schools and should not be supported. It is a sneaky way to get around our local control for our schools

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