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School Funding & Property Taxes 101 Forums

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ANHPE readers are well familiar with the School Funding & Property Taxes 101 forums being held to rave reviews throughout the State.  Requests continue to flow in from school districts and communities but also Rotary Clubs and many other civic groups.  The NH School Funding Fairness Project will continue to hold forums and advocate for equity.  If your group would like to hold a forum, click here.






    The League of Women Voters in Mount Washington Valley is promoting this event – so glad it’s coming to North Conway! Our group is trying to inform people here about issues of concern, both locally and statewide. We’re trying to expand our membership – could we have an area where we could place our info on how to reach state legislators in Carroll County, and perhaps even a flyer about our local League? Thanks, Betsey Harding ( – please note strange spelling of my first name!!)


    Sorry – not just North Conway…Really Conway. But good for our Valley!! Betsey

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