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Action Plan for School Funding – Call the Governor and Come to Concord!

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We reported earlier about the budget deal reached by the committee of conference, which would send $138M in new aid to school districts.  See below for more detail.

Unfortunately, the Governor has threatened to veto the deal, and the veto could come as early as next Thursday, June 27.  A veto would delay, and possibly prevent altogether, the additional funding that communities so desperately need right now, and could leave school districts facing another devastating 4% reduction in stabilization funding.

Action Plan:  What You Can Do

1.  Call the Governor’s office before Thursday.   Leave a message urging him to sign the budget for the sake of NH’s school children and property taxpayers.

Governor Chris Sununu

2.  Come to Concord to Stand Up for the Budget

Visibility Action
9:00 AM Thursday, June 27
State House Lawn, Concord, NH

There will be a visibility action at the State House on Thursday morning (June 27), before the House and Senate vote on the budget deal. People will be there to let lawmakers and the Governor know of their support for various different provisions in the budget, including the education funding provisions.

Please join us to show the Governor that people from all around the state are counting on him to sign this budget for the sake of our school children and local taxpayers.  Bring a sign with your town’s name on it, or make one with our materials when you arrive.  Examples:  “Sign the budget for Fremont schools!”  “Loudon kids are counting on this budget”.  [Note:  there will likely be people showing up for non-budget issues that are also on the legislative agenda, so look around to find people with signs referring to the budget.]

3. Contact your Representative(s) and Senator before Thursday, if they are Republican (we assume the Democrats are on board.)  Urge them to vote for the proposed budget.  Although we expect it to pass, we might need their support to override a veto.  Find names and contact information  here (enter your town and then click on each name for contact info.)  

More detail on the budget and how it will help your community.

The budget deal would send $138 million in new aid to struggling school districts around the state, along with $40 million in municipal aid to cities and towns.  See this preliminary town by town analysis to find out how much your community would receive in new school funding in Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 under the proposed budget.  And this document indicates how much municipal aid will go to each community if the Governor signs on.   

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