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A Changing Role for ANHPE

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Regular readers will have noticed fewer posts than usual to  Though in recent years we have actively opposed privatization – statewide school vouchers (SB 193)  and the Learn Everywhere effort to privatize public high school diplomas – and promoted school funding reform, we have basically seen ourselves as supplementing the good information provided by Reaching Higher NH.

Now, Reaching Higher NH provides more information than ever on the key policy issues facing New Hampshire public education and the New Hampshire School Funding Fairness Project has taken the lead in advocating for education funding reform.  These are great developments, critically important to the future of public education in the State.  The best way to follow education issues in New Hampshire will be to subscribe to the Reaching Higher NH newsletter here and follow the NH School Funding Fairness Project here.

ANHPE will play a more limited role in the future, supplementing what you get from those key organizations and helping to mobilize support for public education during important policy debates.

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