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HB 317 – verification of school district membership data


AN ACT relative to verification of school district membership data.

SPONSORS: Rep. Weyler, Rock 13; Rep. Lerandeau, Ches 12; Rep. Kurk, Hills 2; Rep. L. Ober, Hills 37; Rep. D. Eaton, Ches 3; Rep. Ford, Graf 3; Sen. Stiles, Dist 24; Sen. Reagan, Dist 17

COMMITTEE: Education

ANALYSIS: This bill changes the procedures for verifying school district membership data and requires the state board of education to develop and implement a system for verifying such data.

DNHPE Analysis: When the public hearing on this bill was held in the House Education Committee on 1/29, it turned out that Rep. Weyler was convinced that the school districts were lying on their reports – that the superintendents and school board chairs were signing fraudulent annual attendance reports..  An anonymous source at the New Hampshire Department of Education had called to tell him that.  He could not name the person for “fear of retribution.”   The chair assigned the bill to a subcommittee to gather further information from NHDOE.  Rep. Weyler’s testimony was long on attitude but he could not answer most committee questions.  Rep. Kurk also testified in support but offered no detailed information.  In spite of the long list of co-sponsors, there seems to be no real justification for the bill.

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