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Will the manifest educational hardship bill become a backdoor to universal school choice funded by the local property tax?

The New Hampshire Department of Education has made two proposals to the State Board of Education seeking to change the rule implementing the Manifest Educational Hardship (MEH) statute.  The department proposed these rules in March and different rules (here on p. 7) at the October 12 SBOE meeting.  The board did not agree to these proposals and they are unlikely to be implemented because they do not reflect the current statute.  However, Rep. Rick Ladd (R, Haverhill), chair of the House Education Committee, is drafting a bill (LSR 2530) that will propose changes to the MEH statute, probably along the same lines.

Here are the department’s proposed changes that could reappear in that bill. (more…)

What is the State Board of Education and how does it work?

It has become increasingly important to understand what the New Hampshire State Board of Education (“SBOE” or “the board”) does, how to follow its activities and how to communicate with its members.  Here is an overview.

The SBOE is made up of seven members, one from each executive council district and two at large.  Members are appointed by the governor, approved by the executive council, to four year terms and can serve up to twelve years total.  Here are the current members and their terms and here is the contact information for each.  Each January, the governor appoints a chair of the board.  This can be any board member and requires no executive council approval. (more…)