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Common Core catalyzes positive change in once-struggling school –Denver Post

After years of chronic under-performance, in 2013 Ashley Elementary School in Denver, Colorado was labeled “accredited on probation.” The school made hiring changes and firmly committed to the Common Core State Standards. Today, it is a completely different school. (more…)

Look at what Denver does for its four year olds

Here is the Denver Preschool Program.  Basically, they rate the quality of each partner preschool and offer “tuition support” of up to $365/month, depending on family income, to help families send their kids  You can go here to see the tuition support calculator.

They didn’t have to establish new programs.  What they did do is establish quality standards and incent higher quality by paying more tuition support if parents attended higher quality schools.  Pretty powerful.

Colorado Court Halts School Voucher Program

Interesting.  Here’s the Cato Institute take on the Colorado voucher decision (via Colorado Court Halts School Voucher Program).  Those with good memories will recognize Andrew Coulson as the author of a Union Leader opinion piece in support of the voucher bill when it was in the Legislature last spring.  You’ll see he tries to create the same distinction all voucher advocates do between vouchers and “education tax credits” such as we have here in New Hampshire.  Don’t believe it.


Last Friday, a Colorado District Court halted the new and unique Douglas County school voucher program with a permanent injunction. School choice legislation is a little like the Field of Dreams: pass it, and they will sue–and we all know who “they” are. So there’s a tendency to dismiss legal setbacks for the choice movement as purely the result of self-serving monopolists exploiting bad laws or partisan, activist judges. There are certainly cases that fall into that category, but this Colorado ruling isn’t one of them.