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After years of teaching to the Common Core standards, Sanborn Regional says, “We’re paying for it in the normal course of business.”

illustration from CornellThe experience of Sanborn Regional School District in Kingston and Newton is particularly important because the district and its board and superintendent have had a long term commitment to the Common Core.  So I asked Superintendent Dr. Brian Blake about the cost of implementing the Common Core. Here’s what he said:

The short answer to the question is that I don’t expect much in the way of additional costs, but rather a shifting of resources.  Let’s take a closer look at this in terms of school district resources and timing.

To begin, the “Common Core” is not new.  It has been in existence for the past 3-5 years in different stages. Information was available 5 years ago about what the Core contained and how it was different from existing practice.  Early adopters, such as Sanborn, immediately began analyzing the Core and comparing it to the State approved Grade Level Expectations (GLEs).  Curriculum alignment with the GLEs and Common Core Standards in Math and English/language Arts has been an ongoing process.  In Sanborn, power standards were developed to reflect the “big ideas” in line with the Common Core.