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Delaware teacher slams lousy implementation of the Common Core, thinking other states must do as bad a job

Contrast the experience of this Delaware teacher with that of the many New Hampshire teachers who speak out here.  You’ll hear this same complaint about highly scripted curricula based on the Common Core in other states as well, like New York.  But when you see how the Common Core is implemented here in New Hampshire (and Washington state, Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina and many other states), you realize that bad curricula are not a Common Core issue but a matter of poor education leadership.

Don’t make the mistake this teacher does of universalizing her experience:

I used to do many fun, innovative projects with my students.   My students have owned and managed their own businesses, written children’s books and read them to younger students, done year-long literature studies on specialized topics, hosted project fairs, and an array of other student-created, choice- driven projects.  They have designed, researched, written and read beyond their peers.  My high school students were required to read 25 novels per year…yes, even the ones with learning disabilities could meet this goal with the help of assistive technology.   Meeting and exceeding  standards has always been my goal.

Last year, however, my performance appraisal listed me as “satisfactory.”  What has changed?  I’m still me.  I still bring the passion, dedication, and years of experience to the classroom that I always have.