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New Hampshire’s charter school budget is growing fast

HB 435 and the other pending charter bills represent a significant increase in New Hampshire’s already escalating charter school expenditures.

Charter enrollment and expenditures are growing quickly

Here’s a chart showing enrollment and expenditures since 2007, projected out to 2019.  Enrollment is projected at current growth rates.  Expenditures are projected based on HB 435.

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Charter school enrollment in New Hampshire has been doubling every three years.  In 2009, leaving aside the Virtual Learning Charter School (VLACS), we had 585 charter students in New Hampshire, most in charters aimed at helping at-risk children.  This school year, we have about 1,977 charter students, the great majority of whom attend high end charters.  Next year, NHDOE estimates that enrollment will be 2,884.  None of the four new charters starting up next September or the 10 charters in the application pipeline will focus on at-risk students.