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A commission to study fiscal disparities among school districts

HB 1534 is sponsored by legislators who support public education and have in the past also supported constitutional amendments that attempt to target adequacy aid to the communities that need it the most.  But, even leaving aside the extreme politics of the last legislature, it has been difficult to find language that accomplishes targets aid in a politically acceptable way but also protects the fundamental right of each New Hampshire child to an adequate education.

So amendments keep getting developed on the fly and defeated.

Prime sponsor Rep. Gary Richardson (D-Hopkinton) testified to the House Education Committee that a group of legislators, with the participation of the Governor’s office, had met over last summer to try to come up with language but could not, so are proposing this commission.

This issue is real and keeps coming back.  Maybe this commission could step back and look at the whole thing in a new way that would give their proposal credibility.