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Teacher accountability: other states are beginning to look more like NH

The New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner Barry negotiated a No Child Left Behind waiver that avoided in New Hampshire the requirement for high-stakes testing that teachers contend with in many other waiver states.  We’re a local control state, so districts have the high-stakes option, but high-stakes is not policy in New Hampshire.  Now other states are coming around to that policy. (more…)

Saying that New Hampshire is a high-stakes testing state doesn’t make it true

Here is a 13 second video of Rep. David Murotake (R-Nashua) talking high-stakes:

Rep. Murotake talks about the Smarter Balanced test as if the test were inherently high-stakes (here is his full testimony).  Do not be fooled: high-stakes is not about the test you use; it’s about how you use the test. (more…)