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Why a Louisiana judge ruled school vouchers unconstitutional, WaPo, 12/2/12

Much of the reasoning in this Louisiana decision would appear to apply to our New Hampshire case.  In our case, about half our children are eligible and they do not have to be attending a poorly performing school.  The state aid that would essentially pay for their private, often fundamentalist Christian, education  ” … was never meant to be diverted to private educational providers,” as the Louisiana lower court judge reasoned.

Why a Louisiana judge ruled school vouchers unconstitutional.

A Louisiana state judge sided today with opponents of Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal’s sweeping private school voucher program, ruling that it is unconstitutional because it improperly diverts public state and local money intended for public schools to private institutions.

Exactly what will happen to the more than 4,900 students now receiving money for vouchers is unclear, though it doesn’t seem likely that they will have to return the cash. Expect an appeal. Still, Jindal and members of his education team, who unsuccessfully argued that they had set up the program by the constitutional book, are now going to have to rethink it.


Update: Here are the legal materials, provided by Lee Barrios of Abita Springs, Louisiana