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North Country superintendent Carl Ladd on education policy in MA and NH: “We take ‘Live Free or Die’ very seriously.”

Dr. Carl Ladd, superintendent of SAU #58 – Groveton, Stark and Stratford in the North Country – and New Hampshire’s 2014 Superintendent of the Year.  He took over as SAU #58 superintendent in 2007 but spent two years as superintendent of the Gill-Montague Regional School District in Turners Falls, MA from 2009-2011, before coming back to resume his position in his hometown at SAU #58. (more…)

A readable description of how a specific Common Core math standard improved this teacher’s instruction – MA teacher Bridget Adam

Here’s a Massachusetts teacher comparing the MA standard for teaching manipulation of fractions to the equivalent Common Core standard.  She discusses the specific standards and how the improved Common Core standard changed her teaching for the better.

In the years before the Common Core was adopted by Massachusetts, I used direct instruction to teach operating on fractions. Specifically, I taught dividing fractions only using the standard algorithm. I would present the steps to divide fractions, as a class we would come up with a way to remember the steps (KCF- Keep, Change and Flip), practice as a group, and then students would spend a day or two proving they were proficient with the computation. My students were masters of precision, rulers of proficiency. But, my students often struggled to determine if a word problem inferred division because they only had practice computing with fractions, and not understanding or applying division of fractions. The picture of the assignment is from a classwork I gave just a few years ago.